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Drone Pilot Training CAT 1 (Micro, Small)

Drone Pilot Training CAT 1 (Micro, Small)

Drone Pilot Training CAT 1 (Micro, Small)

Training is the foundation to every successful drone operation and with our industry-renowned courses, your team will be fully equipped to handle any flying situation. As your scale your business, having a team of well-trained UAV pilots will mitigate any environmental or financial risks, and save you from any liability concerns.


As part of our Initial course, we offer the core “Multicopter Pilot Training Program”. This program has been curated on the lines of the “Drone Pilot License Training Program” highlighted per DGCA guidelines in RPAS CAR 1.0.





Regulations of DGCA, Civil Aviation Requirements (01 Class)

Classifications, Basic Air Regulations Salient points, Do's And Don'ts


Basic principles of flight (01 Class)

Fundamentals of flight, Aerodynamics, Take-off, flight and landing, Manoeuvres, turns and circuit pattern


ATC procedures & Radio Telephony (01 Class)

Understanding ATC operations, Airspace Structure and Airspace Restrictions with knowledge of No Drone Zones;


Communicating with ATC including Position and Altitude Reporting, Flight Planning Procedures, Collision avoidance,

Radio Telephony (RT) techniques, Standard radio terminology and RT Phraseology


Fixed wing operations and Aerodynamics (01 Class)

Types of fixed wing drones, make, parts and terminology;


Operation and manoeuvres of fixed wing drones;
Applications and operations


Advantages/ Disadvantages of multirotor (01 Class)

Basic drone terminology, Types of drones, material used and size of drones, Motors and propellers, Electronic

Speed Controller (ESC), flight controllers, Operation and Applications of drones, Basic drone terminology,

Types of drones, material used and size of drones


Weather and meteorology (01 Class)

The standard atmosphere, Measuring air pressure, Heat and temperature, Wind, Moisture, cloud formation;

Met Terminal Aviation Routine Weather Report (METAR), The standard atmosphere, Measuring air pressure


Drone equipment maintenance (01 Class)

Maintenance of drone, flight control box, ground station;


Maintenance of ground equipment, batteries and payloads;


Scheduled servicing, Repair of equipment, Fault finding and rectification;


Emergency identification and handling (01 Class)

Loss of link, Fly-away (Straying), Loss of power


Control surface failures


Payload, installation and utilization (01 Class)

Types of payloads, Parts of payloads


Installation, Features of payloads, Utilization


Image and video interpretation (03 Class)

Principles of observation, Interpretation of image/video, Analysis


Flight simulator training (05 classes)

Pre-flight checks and start-uo, Preparation cum coordination for flight


Take-off and flight stage, Approach and landing, After flight checks


Practical lessons in Lab (01 Class)

Assembling of drone, De-assembling, integration of sub-sections/ modules, Integration of engine/ propulsion system,

Fault finding and rectification


Practical flying with instructor (01 Class)

Hands-on training


Practical Flying with instructor/Solo Flying

Hands-on training


Practical Flying with instructor/Solo Flying

Hands-on training


Companies are utilizing UAVs for professional services in industries like cinematography and filming, real estate, construction, surveying and mapping, agriculture, industrial inspections, utilities inspections and many more. Our classroom and hands-on training taught by our expert flight instructors helps you or your company to get ready to service such industries.

A few “application-based” Cat-1 courses we offer on our drones are as following:

  • Aerial Survey & Mapping
  • Asset Inspection
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Disaster Management
  • Cinematography Training
  • Building & Operating your Custom Drone
  • Forest Fire control